Far From  Home

This work focuses on the artist’s emotional journey as an immigrant: her longing for the lost places of her native land, her search for a new identity, the complexities of connection and disconnection, and the importance of relationships.

As an immigrant, it was difficult for Tiziana to embrace the reality of her new life in America, a country which held no memory of her childhood, history or culture. As a way to overcome her feelings of dislocation, she began to photograph her children, who, unlike her, quickly imprinted every place of their new home with their essence. Through watching her children experience this new world, Tiziana was able to reflect on her past, beginning an intimate journey towards discovery, recognition and acceptance.

“Photography allowed me to regain her childhood memories and fill my new surroundings with imagination. The stories that I lived through my camera greatly impacted my new identity, and helped me accept my children’s adaptation and my own transformation”.